Organization (plus the cast and crew)

Who is Who in the World of NBS’s “Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip”.


“The Focus Group”
Sarah Paulson as Harriet Hayes, Simon Helberg as Alex, Ayda Field as Jeannie, D.L.Hughley as Simon Stiles, Rob Reiner as himself    – NBC Photo: Justin Lubin
  1. NBS is owned by the Tunney Media Group, the head of which is Wilson White (played by Edward Asner).
  2. Chairman of NBS is Jack Rudolph.
  3. New President of NBS is Jordan McDeere.
  4. Head of publicity for NBS: Shelly Green (played by Wendy Phillips)
  5. Executive Producers of the NBS flagship show “Studio 60″
    1. Matt Albie
    2. Danny Tripp
  6. Co-Executive Producers (former)
    1. Ricky Tahoe (played by Evan Handler)
    2. Ronald Oswald (played by Carlos Jacott)
  7. Stars of NBS’s “Studio 60″ Friday night show (the Big Three)
    1. Harriet Hayes
    2. Simon Stiles
    3. Tom Jeter
  8. Cast of NBS’s “Studio 60″ Friday night show
    1. Jeannie Whatley “with the light brown hair” (played by Ayda Field)
    2. Alex Dwyer, who does the Tom Cruise and other impressions (played by Simon Helberg)
    3. Dylan (played by Nate Torrence)
    4. Jerry (played by Michael Stuhlbarg)
    5. Samantha Li (played by Camille Chen)
    6. (played by )
  9. Writing staff of NBS’s “Studio 60″
    1. Matt Albie
    2. Ricky Tahoe (left the show) (played by Evan Handler)
    3. Ronald Oswald (left the show) (played by Carlos Jacott)
    4. Darius Hawthorne (played by Columbus Short)
    5. Lucy (played by Lucy Davis)
    6. Andy Mackinaw - “The Script Whisperer” (played by Mark McKinney)
  10. Staff and Crew of the NBS show
    1. Cal Shanley
    2. Lilly Rodriguez (played by Diana-Maria Riva)
    3. Suzanne, the former PA who is now Matt’s assistant (played by Merritt Wever)
  11. Outsiders
    1. Vanity Fair reporter, Martha O’Dell (played by Christine Lahti)