116 “4 a.m. Miracle” (Episode 16)

Bradley Whitford as Danny Tripp (with “Practice Baby”),
Timothy Busfield as Cal Shanley
NBC Photo: Mike Ansell
Broadcast: February 19, 2006
Teleplay by: Aaron Sorkin
Story by: Mark McKinney
Directed by: Laura Innes
Guest Star
The $600 per hour lawyer was played by Kari Matchett who played the mother on “Invasion” and was also on the latest “Nero Wolfe” and has guest starred in other series.
  • Matt saying he is being sued by writers who claim to have written his screenplay: Aaron Sorkin was sued by people claiming that “The American President” was taken from their script. The case went to arbitration and then to court. In both Sorkin won.
  • “AllAboutEve” on the Television Without Pity Studio 60 Forum mentioned that there was a suit filed against “Friends” for being a hostile work environment and it turned out the writers there discussed the female stars in much the same way as this suit contended that the writers discussed Harriet.
  • Nick Westergaard emailed us to say, “the lawyer says she is from Gage Whitney. That’s Sam Seaborn’s firm from The West Wing!! This is where he was working both times when Josh came to retrieve him.”
  • “MATT HAS MORE THAN LATE-NIGHT WRITER’S BLOCK — Matt (Matthew Perry) is stuck on a Wednesday night with writer’s block and also has to contend with a young lawyer (guest star Kari Matchett, “Invasion”) who’s investigating a sexual harassment claim while Harriet (Sarah Paulson) continues shooting her movie. In addition, Jordan (Amanda Peet) and Danny (Bradley Whitford) enter into a contest to see who’d make the better parent. Steven Weber, D.L. Hughley, Nathan Corddry and Tim Busfield also star.” (source NBC)
  • Show Cast: Bradley Whitford, Matthew Perry, Amanda Peet, Steven Weber, Sarah Paulson, D. Hughley L., Nathan Corddry, Judd Hirsch, Ed Asner, Timothy Busfield, Michael Stuhlbarg, Diana-maria Riva, Wendy Phillips, Donna Murphy, Evan Handler, Carlos Jacott, Nate Torrenc (source NBC)